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Your everyday food now more enriching.

The second Mixer-Grinder from Preethi Zodiac and the FIRST to enrich your food! Preethi recognizes the growing need for a healthy and nutritious diet. Zodiac 2.0 comes with Enrich+ Precision Grinding Menus that enhance the bioavailability of nutrients in your daily food, making absorption of food by the body easier.

Enrich +

Precision Grinding

Three years of extensive research by our expert team of chefs, nutritionists and engineers has led to the inception of the “Preethi Perfect Formula” for Calculated Rotation Control. The Formula customises the speed, torque, time and duration for each recipe to ensure the perfect taste, nutrition and texture. All with just a press of a button!


Bioavailability is the percentage of “absorbable” nutrients present in food. Preethi Zodiac 2.0’s Precision Grinding provides optimum processing of ingredients – ensures ingredients are neither over-processed nor under-processed.

  • Aata
  • Batter
  • Chutney
  • Puree

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